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To Drive the Scientific Record's Evolution
The Backbone of Discovery and Innovation
The scientific record encompasses the entirety of scientific research, findings, and publications accumulated over centuries. It not only documents the history of scientific discovery but also serves as the foundation for future innovation and understanding.
Private Letters and Manuscripts
Private Letters and Manuscripts
Before the printing press, scientists shared their discoveries through private letters and manuscripts fostering close networks but limiting the dissemination of knowledge.
Challenges in Science
Navigating the Maze
The digital age offers an abundance of scientific information, which is both invaluable and overwhelming. Researchers are challenged to sift through a myriad of publications, making their search for relevant information time-consuming and inefficient.
Outdated Publishing Formats
The traditional PDF format for sharing research is outdated due to its static nature and lack of machine-readable data. Its cluttered and non-interactive design hinders the analysis, linking, and repurposing of information, thereby slowing innovation and discovery.